With the continued hot weather, The Province has extended and issued some fire bans and advisories for many parts of Alberta.

City of Red Deer 

A fire ban has been issued. 

The following fires are not allowed within city limits:

  • Open fires using charcoal, briquettes or wood in the City of Red Deer
  • Any source of open flame (i.e. tiki torches)

All existing fire permits are suspended.

The following fires are allowed:

  • Certified portable gas fire pits
  • Certified gas stoves or barbeques designed for cooking
  • Certified cooking appliances utilizing charcoal, briquettes or wood pellets on residential property


Red Deer County

A fire ban has been issued.

Pursuant to section 4.0 d) of the Red Deer County FIRE SERVICES BYLAW 2012/14:

- All outdoor fires presently burning within Red Deer County whether set with permission or under permit of the County, will remain valid for the duration of the permit, and

- The ignition of all new outdoor fires within the boundaries of Red Deer County are hereby prohibited, and

- No new fire permits will be issued until further notice

For further information please visit www.rdcounty.ca

Rocky Mountain House Forest Area

A fire advisory is in effect for the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area.

Due to current and forecasted weather conditions a fire advisory is now in effect for the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area. New permits will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


• Without a valid fire permit, any burning other than a campfire is prohibited 


• Safe wood campfires *

• Backyard fire pits

• Portable propane fire pits

• Gas or propane stoves and barbecues

• Catalytic or infrared-style heaters

*Safe wood campfires - should be within a metal, brick, or rock fire ring. They are required to:

a)  be on rock, gravel, sand, or another non-combustible surface that extends at least one metre around the fire;

b)  have a responsible person in attendance to keep fire under control at all times and extinguish before leaving;

c)  have on hand enough water on site to extinguish the fire. Safe wood campfires on private lands include private land campgrounds and private land recreation areas; and

d)  Municipalities, Parks and protected areas may have additional fire safety requirements.

The fire advisory will remain in effect until conditions improve.

Mountain View County

Effective immediately a Fire Ban is now in place which affects the entire county due to the current and forecasted conditions.

The Fire Ban is in effect until further notice.

This requires that ALL outdoor fires presently burning, be extinguished and the lighting of ANY outdoor fires is banned. The only exceptions currently are internal household fireplaces; barbeques; and AER flaring.

All current fire permits and fireworks permits are hereby cancelled, and no new fire or fireworks permits will be issued until the Fire Ban has been lifted.


Clearwater County

A fire advisory is in effect.

If you are outside of the Forest Protection Area (FPA) and planning to light a brush pile, be sure to complete a burn notification form at www.crfrs.ca and we request you use caution if burning while the advisory is in effect.

The fire advisory will remain in effect until conditions improve. 

Banff National Park

A fire advisory is in place.

Campfires are only permitted in designated Parks Canada metal fire rings or boxes

Designated fire pits include: Parks Canada metal fire rings, Parks Canada metal fire boxes, and cook stoves within cooking shelters.

Designated fire pits do not include creating your own ring using rocks. At no time is it permitted to use a rock ring in place of these designated metal fire pits. Random fires are never allowed.

Jasper National Park

A fire advisory is in place.

Campfires are only permitted in metal fire pits or boxes provided by Parks Canada.

Random fires are never allowed.

Campfires are not allowed in some backcountry campgrounds. Check backcountry camping information or ask at the visitor centre before setting out on your hike.

Do not throw cigarettes on the ground. Put them out and discard them in a bin.

Report any wildfires, illegal campfires or suspicious smoke to Parks Canada Dispatch: 780-852-6155 or call 911.