When it comes to lottery winning, it would seem that Alberta is the luckiest province in Western Canada.

According to the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation (WCLC) out of the 72 lottery prizes of a $1 million or more, 49 lucky tickets were claimed in our province. A total of $153 million dollars won.

Manitoba welcomed nine new millionaires in 2022, totaling $9 million. Saskatchewan marked 13new millionaires for a total of $150 million –including a $70 million win for a Regina resident, a brand-new record in the province.

A new record was set in 2022 as one lucky winner in Calgary won $70 million-the biggest lottery prize ever won in Alberta.

Check your tickets

There is still one more 2022 winner with an outstanding ticket worth a million dollars. The ticket was sold on June 21st in Edmonton and hasn't been claimed yet.