Alberta families are looking forward to a summer of outdoor fun. After two years of closed or limited programming due to the pandemic, Alberta summer camps are reopening. The Alberta Camping Association (ACA) works with camps to ensure they offer high quality programming while maintaining safety standards.

“Everyone we’ve talked to is excited to go back to camp, though with a little caution,” said Jessica Miller Switzer, Executive Director of the ACA. “Parents can ensure the highest quality camp experience by looking for an ACA accredited camp. It’s one less thing they have to worry about.”

Since 1971, the Alberta Camping Association, a non-profit organization, has run accreditation inspections of summer camps. To earn ACA accreditation, camps must undergo a year-long audit of their paperwork, policies, financial operations, programs, and facilities. A stringent set of standards must be met to become accredited.

There are nine categories of standards which include;

  1. Camp Administration
  2. Human Resources
  3. Site, Facility & Equipment
  4. Transportation and Motor Vehicles
  5. Year-Round Camping
  6. Camp Health Care, Medical and First Aid
  7. Camp Programs/Land-Based
  8. Adventure Based Programs
  9. Camp Programs/ Water-Based Programs

“To be accredited means passing rigorous health and safety standards ensuring it is a safe, healthy, well-run camp,” says Callum Monteith, Board Chair of the ACA. “Standards are continually revised and updated to meet the dynamic camping environment of today. Parents and campers can feel confident when choosing a camp with an ACA Accredited Camp logo.”

The Alberta Camping Association is a non-profit organization that facilitates networking and professional development, advocates for the camping industry, communicates the value of camp, and mandates high standards of quality and safety through accreditation. The organization works to enrich the lives of all Albertans through high quality, safe, inclusive and fun camp experiences.

**with information from Alberta Camping Association