It’s no secret it’s been cold out this week but according to Environment Canada central Alberta has seen a couple record-breaking temperatures this week.  

On Monday, December 19th, the lowest temperature record was broken at -35.8°C at 11:00PM in Rocky Mountain House. The record-breaking streak continued into Tuesday, December 20th where temperatures dipped even colder at -41.8°C around 9:00AM. 

Stettler saw three days of record breaking cold. The 19th also brought temperatures down to -32°C, it got even colder on the 20th at -36.3°C, and on the 21st another record was broken at -33.5°C. 

In Lacombe, we saw temperatures dip down to -38.3°C at 9:00AM on December 20th which also broke the record for lowest temperature recorded that day in Lacombe. 

Tonight, we can expect another chilly night with temperatures around -44°C with the wind chill in the Lacombe area. 

However, the extremely cold weather is coming to an end and by Christmas Day we will back to more manageable daily highs at around -8°C with even warmer temperatures going into next week. 

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