The 51 Avenue roadway (between 50 and 51 Street) in Ponoka will reopen to traffic on Thursday, November 17 following the completion of extensive underground and surface infrastructure improvements that include: 

  • Excavation and replacement of water service connections, sanitary sewer and stormwater infrastructure; 
  • New curb and gutter installation; 
  • Reconstruction of the 51 Avenue road base, as well as a base layer of asphalt paving that will be followed by a second layer of asphalt in the spring; 
  • Temporary paved sidewalks that will be followed by the installation of permanent sidewalks when the final roadway paving is completed in the spring; and 
  • New light pole assemblies which are currently being installed. 

In addition to the list above, the following improvements will be completed in 2023 on 51 Avenue (between 50 and 51 Street): 

  • Redevelopment and design improvements to the municipal parking lot on the south side of 51 Avenue; 
  • Roadway line marking upon completion of the second layer of asphalt paving; 
  • Landscaping including new shrubs and trees; and 
  • Benches and garbage receptacles will be installed following the installation of permanent sidewalks. 

Numerous other improvements to roadways and sidewalks have also been completed throughout the Town of Ponoka in 2022, including: 

  • Upgrades to the 49 Street Parking Lot at North Trailhead - The parking lot was redesigned and paved with the addition of a paved trail extension that connects the parking lot to the green bridge at the north trailhead of the Battle River Valley trail system. The improvements also include the addition of a new seating area with benches, garbage receptacles, shrubs and trees. 
  • New Pavement Overlay - On 53 Avenue between 51 and 53 Street; 
  • Pavement and Concrete Improvements - Pavement replacement, asphalt patching or chip sealing were completed at multiple other locations throughout Ponoka, including the sidewalk in front of the Fort Ostell Museum. 
  • Pothole Repairs - Have been completed on roadways throughout the community. The Pothole Repair Program will resume on Town roadways in the spring of 2023.