The Crestomere 4-H Multiclub will be showing off a couple year’s hard work this Friday, June 10th and Saturday, June 11th for their annual Achievement Day at the Lacombe Agriculture Society Grounds. 

“It's going to be a really busy week for all of us. Friday we're going to go down to the Comd ground where we're going to get our sheep already, and then we're going to have a market lamb show on the Friday night. Then, Saturday is a huge day where we're going to have sheep shows our presentations from art, horticulture, vet science and woodworking. I think there's a chicken demonstration too, a potluck and awards and thank-you’s,”said Isabella Sweet, Intermediate Member of 4-H. 

She says the club begins the work for their Achievement Day in the fall and that members generally prepare for it all throughout the year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has been awhile since the organization has been able to celebrate their achievements and Sweet is looking forward to the day. 

“We're all so excited to finally have a normal achievement space where the community can come and learn new things and celebrate an amazing year with us,” she added. 

Club members will also be celebrating awards they have received over the past couple of years too. 

“We will present awards that we've gotten throughout the years like diary points which is like bookkeeping stuff where members who've been in the club for quite a few years will get medals and recognition for being there for so long,” said Sweet. 

Sweet is hoping people are willing to come out into the community and meet some new people and maybe even learn a few more things. She says the club is based on some pretty simple principles. 

“It’s just a club where we focus on community involvement where we try to volunteer and work on raising money and create life skills that carry on.”

Additionally, if you can’t attend this weekend you can also purchase and check out the work of 4-H club members by taking a look at their online auction. 

“We're having an auction sale where our market lambs are going to sell as well as a few woodworking project It starts on Friday and goes until Monday,” added Sweet.