A case of bovine tuberculosis has been confirmed in the southern interior of British Columbia.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) released the news Monday, November 19th and has launched an investigation.

The CFIA says the mature beef cow from a southern B.C. farm was presented for slaughter on Friday, October 26, and the carcass was condemned, so the animal did not enter the food chain and no risk to human health resulted from the case.

Samples were then shipped to the CFIA's Ottawa laboratory where results confirmed a case of bovine TB on Friday, November 9th.

The CFIA says, the exact number of herds involved and how long the investigation will take is unknown.

The investigation is still in early stages according to the CFIA, and they've begun tracing movements of the animal in the infected herd to try and identify the source and any potential spread of the disease, as well as testing to identify the strain to see if there's a connection to previous cases.

The CFIA says, "During a bovine TB investigation, quarantines and movement restrictions are placed on any implicated animals. Testing humane destruction and disposal are carried out as required."

A bovine TB investigation wrapped up in Alberta earlier this year from a case that was traced to southern Alberta near Jenner back in 2016.

The CFIA says, the finding should not affect Canada's current bovine TB free status, which supports international trade for Canada's beef industry.


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